Hi everyone my name is Siobhan and I am a weight loss mentor. My background includes caregiving, travel agent, entertainment industry, banquet server, and chef in training. All industries that I loved being a part of, each one leading me to this very special space in time. Where I am able to help others with  the knowledge I have learned in each occupation. My love for the new LOA (the truest and darkest light) and the use of shadow alchemy rounds out my experiences and how I can help you achieve weight loss mastery.

 I teach you how to use shadow alchemy for weight loss in my containers. you’ll be learning your lower and higher archetypes and how they pertain to your weight loss journey. It’s difficult to face the demons inside of you, to conquer your fears and get to your truths. Breaking through your mental and physical barriers and triggers to make this a successful and sustainable weight loss method for you. The other processes I use are my secret sauce.

My love of the HCG diet led me to culinary school. I have spent 6 years creating recipes from private/ secret boards from around the world and have come up with a completely new  system based on what I have learned from over 150 of these boards and hundreds of other diet boards to create my own weight loss system that I call 241LUXE. What I love about this is you can lose the weight in two ways, with or without weight loss supplements. What does the number 241 stand for? There are 241 countries and municipalities and island nations equaling thousands of recipes and fusions that are VLCD.

As in all diets,  241LUXE is a restrictive diet. What’s different is that it uses restrictive portions with more options. i teach you to wean yourself  of of processed foods and incorporate foods and portions that help you make  healthier  lifestyle choices. 241LUXE uses the best of protocols from around the globe in a new progressive VLCD weight loss program with an avant-garde approach. 

Expect nothing with additives or any packaged foods. My plan is natural and organic. Nor does it include protein shakes that have any words in it like birthday cake (can you say additives and fillers?) 

Fresh and organic meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, botanicals, herbs and spices are weaved into magical concoctions in ways that will delight you. I also use organic adaptogens and nootropics in my recipes, All are used in making this experience a pleasurable a journey of losing weight.

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