coaching packages

In nourishing your mind, body, spirit, and soul we are designing a higher energetic frequency for success through up-leveling into a newer mindset and thought-provoking insights. Using modern-day alchemy and meticulously crafted global recipes. My course is 3 months in length and begins on the 1st of every month for group coaching .

1:1 coaching available at all times. Please send me a DM and I will send over the application process.

30 days before you diet


 group coaching package

Starts the 1st of every month. Excellent for self starters. 

Private group

ONE  60 minute call once a week.


Private group

30 day before you diet included

ONE  60 minute call once a week

invites to group coaching retreats

This is best for those who like to have the accountability of a coach, like to feel part of a group with daily support.

90 day private one-on-one coaching

secret group

30 day before you diet included

custom menus

private calls  = once weekly 60 minutes

exclusive invites for luxury retreats

must fill out application for approval